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The Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC) is the first independent open-access storage provider in Jordan offering world-class storage, handling, transportation, aviation fueling and bunkering services for local and regional clients in the petroleum industry. JOTC offers an integrated set of oil storage and logistics services across Jordan. Additionally, JOTC designs, builds, operates, and maintains its storage terminals to meet and exceed regulatory and international standards.

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احتفالية يوم الشجرة

قامت الشركة اللوجستية الاردنية للمرافق النفطية بتنظيم احتفالية يوم الشجرة في مرافق العقبة النفطية ... More

General Manager Eng. Kholoud Mahasneh’ s Visit to Aqaba Oil Terminal

Her Excellency began 2022 with a visit to Aqaba Oil Terminals, accompanied by a number of ... More

تجديد اتفاقية الخدمات المرفقة مع شركة المناصير للزيوت والمحروقات

قامت الشركة اللوجستية الاردنية للمرافق النفطية "جوتك" بتجديد اتفاقية تقديم الخدمات المرفقية مع شركة المناصير More

JOTC Sustainability & HSSEQ Policies

At JOTC, Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) are paramount; those are not just policies, but rather a message of intent and commitment, ensuring the health and safety of JOTC employees, the delivery of high quality solutions to partners and customers, and the minimization of environmental impact are at the core of the JOTC operation. HSSEQ at JOTC is a set of beliefs, standards, and actions aimed at achieving world-class personal and environmental safety. An effective HS ... More

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